2022 Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Awards – Highest Distinction - Design of the Year – A Brick & Mortar Shop
Jury’s Citation: The project elevates the shopping experience for kitchen appliances within a delightful space. The interior elements are made from commonplace materials like hollow bricks, unadorned plywood and the recycling of stone off-cuts. Innovation and good detailing deconstruct and re-assemble the cement bricks into free-standing walls, benches and reception counters, which order the shop’s layout. The resultant space evokes a strong emotional response akin to an art gallery. The combination of natural materials lends the interiors a timeless quality. The walls and display surfaces become backdrops for the products to take centre stage. To control visual clutter, the Architect balanced between the curated display of the latest products and the archival of older models stored in pull-out drawers below. This clever, unexpected approach satisfied the client’s brief. This project is wonderfully poetic and innovative at the same time. The architect has proven that designing sustainably adds immeasurable value. The Jury unanimously awarded this project Design of the Year, as the Architect’s sensitive use of the ordinary resulted in an extraordinary interior.

2022 Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Awards – Design Award– A Brick & Mortar Shop

2022 Singapore Institute of Architects Architectural Design Awards – Merit Award – House of Trees
Jury’s Citation: The Jury acknowledges the success of the House of Trees lies in the architect’s re-contextualising of the urban surroundings of a residence through the use of deep, occupiable, lush landscaped balconies. Through design, this green buffer offers sun shading, respite and new uses to its inhabitants. There is also interest in the way the duplex was planned, allowing for connections between two households.

2022 Inde Awards – Honourable mention – A Brick & Mortar Shop

2022 Dezeen Awards – Longlisted – A Brick & Mortar Shop